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Amazon invests Over 3 Billion Dollars In To New Bitcoin Trading System Revolutionizing The Financial Sector

Recently, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos has confirmed that Amazon (together with Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Tesla) have invested in the financial tech, Bitcoin Revolution Auto Trading System, which was designed with the intent of shifting global wealth away from the world’s richest 0.1% and towards the common everyday people of the planet.


As one of the most forward thinking companies around today, Amazon is deeply aware of the problems facing the international economy. At the present, Amazon is concerned about the growing rate of wealth inequality that reveals that over 50% of the world’s prosperity is held by just 0.1% of the financial elite. Amazon realizes that this imbalance is standing in the way of its goal of giving everyone on the planet access to the internet so that it may earn greater profits.

As a result, Amazon has teamed up with the co-founders Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Tesla and CEO of Bitcoin Revolution Austin Ford, to create a software system that will allow wealth redistribution to take place at a global level so that ordinary people can gain access to greater means of fiscal resources.

One may be wondering what exactly Bitcoin Revolution is? It’s simply an innovative tool which was created to trick the professional traders working in the stock market. Most of the wealth the world’s richest own comes from their investments in stocks. These stocks are traded by professional Wall Street brokers who are legally forced to deal in exchanges of at least $1 million. 

However, Bitcoin Revolution deals with anyone and any amount. These trades are so small that they go unnoticed by the trained professionals so that they may be taken advantage of by common consumers. With Bitcoin Revolution proven success rate of over 80%, ordinary people have been gaining on average between $1,200 and $10,000 per day. Follow Amazon’s lead to
try and take control of your finances using Bitcoin Revolution today!

We interviewed Bitcoin Revolution CEO Austin Ford so he could
better explain exactly how Bitcoin Revolution operates.

Can you tell us how Bitcoin Revolution works?

Bitcoin Revolution works like a team of spies. We have millions of automated robots that go on social media and gather real-time data — posts, images, text, videos and anything else people are publicly saying. Then we analyze all this data, looking for topics related to any publicly traded companies. Once we have a certain trending topic related to a big company, we analyze if the trend is Positive or Negative. If the trend is positive, we bet on the stock to rise, if the trend is negative — we bet on the stock to fall. It’s that simple.

How often does Bitcoin Revolution make a mistake?

Not that often at all. What people are saying on Social media is real, it’s there and it’s true, so we rarely make a mistake. We are still in Beta stage of our software, but it’s already showing over 87% successful trades. This means that out of 100 trades Bitcoin Revolution makes automatically, 87 will be profitable.

How much money can a regular user of Bitcoin Revolution make?

It depends a lot on the money they invest and the broker they work with. Let’s take the regular user who starts with $500 and bets $20 per trade. Over 24 hours Bitcoin Revolution will make around 200 trades based on trends on Social media. Around 174 of the trades will be profitable, and 26 will not. This means user will win approximately $3,480 and lose around $520. Evening out to 
$2,960 profit in a single day. There are some small commissions
added by the broker, but it’s usually less than 2%.

Has any user actually lost his investment?

No, we have never had a user who had lost his invested money. Even the worst cases we have had were always profitable in the end.

What improvements are you working on right now?

Right now we can only access information that people are publicly sharing on social media. Once we go out of beta and make Bitcoin Revolution available for anyone, we will have even more data to work with, making Bitcoin Revolution more accurate.

Individual News feeds? Is it safe to give access to that?

It’s 100% safe. We simply ask for access monitor the news feed using automated systems. There is no risk of us posting anything or your behalf. And besides that, no real human will be reading your News feed. It’s all just algorithms looking for keywords. We take privacy very seriously and will never take any risks to harm our users.

How much will it cost to use Bitcoin Revolution automated system?

We don’t know yet. But first 1,000 spots will be free. After that, for regular users, we are thinking of charging $10,000.00 monthly and a hundred times as much for trading firms who wish to use Bitcoin Revolution. We do not want to disrupt the stock market too much so spots will be limited to 1,000 trading firms and 1,000,000 regular users.

When will Bitcoin Revolution be available?

Very soon. We are just adding finishing touches and first members will be welcome very soon. First we will open the doors for small traders — regular people, and only later for big trading firms. Again, first 1,000 people will get a lifetime membership for free.

After the interview Austin showed us Bitcoin Revolution in action. It was like seeing a real miracle for the first time. Austins software was making money on autopilot. Austin was so confident in his Software that he offered to give us one free membership so we can run our own independent tests, and so we did.

We took one of our intern students Andrew Truett and told him to sign up, following each step.

The first step was fairly easy — he needed to fill in some details like name, last name, email and phone number. After the form was completed and submitted, he was taken to Bitcoin Revolution dashboard. Everything seemed pretty easy over there.

The next step was to fund the trading account with their trusted broker. As we were navigating to the deposit page, Andrew received a phone call. It was his personal account manager wanting to assist him with any needs he had. With the help of the account manager, the process didn’t take long, as all major credit cards like VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted to make the first fully withdrawable deposit to fuel the first winning trades. Andrew went ahead and deposited $250. Once funded, we navigated to the “Auto Trader” section of software, set the trade amount to the recommended $20, and enabled it.

Bitcoin Revolution started making trades automatically in front of our eyes, winning most of them. We left it active for 23 hours and once we came back, Andrew already had $2,600.00 in his account.

Andrew wasn’t convinced. To make sure this was all real, he requested a withdrawal of $2,500.00 to his bank account. This was a fast and easy process. After 2 hours the money was in his bank account! At this point we all knew that this is real.

We can’t wait for the software to go live. This will change lives of millions of people. Sometimes the things that seem too good to be true, are actually true.

“We cooperate with Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Tesla on this program and proud to announce it today. I think it will help the people around the world to make some good money with Bitcoin” 
- Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft –

“We join this program because we do believe Bitcoin is the future and we want to help people to make some stable income” 
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook –

“We are proud to be a part of this new program. Soon the world will know how powerful this program is and I’m really glad we can help people to have better Personal income” 
 — Tim Cook, CEO of Apple –

“We have been in the Crypto business for many years, this Crypto program will help thousands of traders become millionaires” 
 — Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla –


Right now, Bitcoin Revolution is allowing our readers to try the platform
for a minimum initial deposit of just $250.

Given the massive increase in popularity of the trading platform,
this initial minimum deposit may increase!

It is important that you sign up for Bitcoin Revolution immediately
as we do not know how many places will be available

You can fund your account via credit card or a bank transfer

There are three easy steps to get started:

1. Sign Up For A Free Account

2. Deposit The Minimum $250

3. Use The Bitcoin Revolution Platform To Earn Profits Daily


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