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If you thought Gordon Ramsay made his fortune as a chef, think again


Fine dining restaurants with waiting lists that can take weeks, a successful television career, millions of pounds in the bank and just as many scandals under his belt-Gordon Ramsay is unquestionably one of the most notorious celebrities on the planet.

“A culinary genius” and “the chef with golden hands and a potty mouth” are just some of the nicknames Ramsey has been given over the years.  And with the greatest British empire the world of hospitality and cuisine has ever seen continues to forge ahead, Gordon Ramsay has become a brand onto itself. 

It comes as no surprise that all of Ramsay’s business interests including restaurants, media and consultancy are held a company named after the star himself, Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited.

Throughout the years media outlets have often reported about the antics of this nworld famous chef:

Driving while under the influence, investigations into inappropriate public behavior and legal troubles with former business partners are all par for the course for Ramsay.

Chock it off to the price of fame or just lack of any inhibition, it’s hard to judge a man when he is down and even more so when we’re dealing with such an over the top character such as Ramsay.

In an exclusive one on one interview Ramsay gave not long ago he opened up about his greatest falls and we aren’t referring to his 2008 infamous 85 meter fall from a cliff while filming in Iceland.

“The restaurant business can raise you up to incredible heights but can also give you a proper kick in the face” Ramsay said. “The cost of running a restaurant is ten times if not one hundred times more than the cost of running any other business, between the rent, employee paychecks, importers etc….and I’m not just running a fish and chips joint if you know what I mean so I have paid a fortune over the years to keep things going.”

“Just like in show business, in the culinary world looks are everything. Even in my lowest point financially I had to keep up the facade and project an image of success and wealth. On the one hand I was being photographed smiling, in a new fancy suit at opening night of one of my restaurants but no one knew that behind the smile was a heavy load of fear and anxiety with me wondering whether or not this next venture would be a success or complete bust. 

Would my investment pay off? Would the profit from this restaurant be enough to help me save my other businesses? You have to understand it isn’t only about ego, there are hundreds of workers who are dependent on me for their livelihood.”

In order to save restaurants that were floundering and give them the extra financial boost they needed to succeed, Gordon began investing in the stock market.

“When I first started out I was a bit arrogant, I thought I knew it all. Afterall I know quite a few big shots from all over the world, I ran restaurants and companies on my own and I was sure that in the same way that we overcame hardships with Ramsay Limited in 2010, we would manage to overcome hardships now. But the brutal and honest truth is that I ended up looking like a complete idiot.”

His first venture into investing in the stock market was, according to Ramsay, painful and not just where his pocket was concerned.

“Most of the investments I made turned out to be bad because I was trying to do it on my own. Without the help of advisors, people who actually knew what they were doing, I lost money and a lot of it. It felt like all that I had been working for, everything I had been building and sweating over for all those years could collapse in the blink of an eye.

I couldn’t think of anything else and it started to show at work, at home and in every part of my life. I used to be ashamed of that chapter but today I can admit that my wife of 22 years was really close to leaving me“

Even at that point Gordon didn’t let anyone in on what was going on behind the scenes of an empire named after him. The only person he confided in at the time was a close friend and investor that Ramsay felt close enough to share things with, afterall with such high stakes what he would stand to lose was hard to imagine let alone speak out loud. The advice his friend gave him not only put him back on track financially, it exposed a side of the celebrity chef that was the complete opposite of his public persona a side willing to admit he wasn’t always right and didn’t always know everything.

“I was used to being top chef, the most important man in the kitchen and the one calling the shots. In the kitchen you can take a risk and try new things – but in the stock market? You’ve got to be kidding. Better off passing the apron over to someone who knows what the hell they’re doing“

It was at that point that Ramsay joined an investment banking firm where he received one one one guidance and advice.

“I couldn’t turn to the most well known big name firms in the business. You know why? It would completely sabotage my company’s worth and my own reputation, Rumors spread like fire so I knew I had to be careful. A close friend hooked me up with a boutique firm, under the radar and far from the critical eye of tabloids who wanted nothing more than to get their story even if it meant ruining me. I preferred finding someone I could trust who would work hard for me and allow me to get back to what I did best” he laughs, “yelling at people in the kitchen.”

The very instinct that made Ramsay such a titan in the culinary world paid off once again. His onscreen presence began to shine even brighter than before and his restaurants are continuing to grow at the speed of light.

“The financial loss I suffered in those dark years is long behind me, but the scars remain and now I know that despite all my success things can change overnight. That’s why I continue to invest, that is the company continues to invest for me and that’s why it works! I don’t have to deal with it, waste time researching potential investments on line or any of it. That’s what I have them for”.

Gordon Ramsay will always remain the bad boy of top chefs but when it comes to his personal life he had the following to say: “My wife has given me a second chance and our marriage is stronger than ever. We have stability and both feel at peace knowing we can maintain the lifestyle we have grown so accustomed to.”

The change is evident and will soon translate to the big screen. The same charisma that made him famous is back with a twist:

“For years I came across as unsympathetic and ruthless, always demanding nothing short of the best from my employees and chefs on the show. My motto had always been that people are solely responsible for their own success. But I learned that knowing how to choose the right people to surround yourself with plays just as important a role in your success and that’s what I found in Litefintech.

I highly recommend everyone to learn from my experience. Hiring the right people to manage your finances means more than just increasing net worth, it means making room in life to conquer new challenges and enjoy the things you love to do.

I’ve witnessed how it has helped other people I know. It all depends on your willingness to make a change and partner up with the right person for the right project. Some of the waiters who used to work for me have followed in my footsteps and lets just say I’m looking to hire replacements for them as we speak…”

Ramsay is looking to hire new waiters, know anyone who could be interested?

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