Collecting coupons and reusing tea bags?
Forget about all the worn out cliches. More and more pensioners are adopting a new approach to retirement enjoying a quality of life that leaves them feeling younger and stronger than ever before.

What are the hottest trends for the golden age?

Fitness Culture

A strong mind and a strong body go hand in hand – no one can argue with that. As we age, physical activity plays a huge role in keeping our blood pressure in check, preventing inflammation and helping us release endorphins that are vital to our sense of positive well being.

Today’s pensioner is taking physical and mental health a step beyond the occasional visit to a physiotherapist or walk in the park.

From Yoga to Thai Chi and even training to run a marathon it’s becoming more and common to see people staying active and fit well into retirement. Those who know what’s best for them hire personal trainers to help them reach for new heights and achieve their goals.

Live in style

That nostalgic memory of grandpa and grandma’s house with the wooden fence and trimmed lawn that always needs tending to is passé.

Couples and single pensioners alike are seeing the light;  they no longer have use for the home that once housed their entire family. Instead of oversized, high maintenance houses they are trading up for modern boutique apartments.

This is their time to move back to where it all happens in the center of the most sought after neighborhoods in the city, just around the corner from cafes, art galleries and more.

Moving into highly functional, well designed apartment complexes that offer amenities such as private shops, gyms and a pool makes big houses in the suburbs obsolete.

Convenience and pleasure  is what it’s all about.

Happy senior couple walking on beach

Travel and Adventure

The colorful markets of India? The crystal clean water of the Maldives? The far edge of the Great wall of China?

Most people can only dream of going on a long holiday to exotic destinations such as these. But one of the greatest advantages of retirement is that time isn’t an issue. The demands and responsibility of everyday life no longer need to prevent the dream of traveling from becoming a reality.

Tourism for people over the age of 60 is booming and pensioners are finding pleasure in discovering new and exciting destinations.

A second career later in life

Studying has not only been proven to keep the mind sharp, it can also lead to a profound sense of self accomplishment and personal development making it a worthy pursuit at any age.

Looking back, it’s safe to say we aren’t all satisfied with our professional choices. Some of did what we needed to do to earn a living all the while wondering if there wasn’t something more fitting for us elsewhere. But mortgage payments, responsibility, seniority at work and social benefits kept us from pursuing our dreams.

When we retire, extra time frees up allowing us to reconsider what our personal interests are and what we could enjoy learning more about. The possibility of studying something we are interested in and finding ways to profit from it is real.

The most popular professional training today for pensioners includes becoming a tour guide, real estate agent or stock broker. These professions not only offer adrenaline inducing, stimulating and exciting work, they are great ways to significantly increase and even double the income of a fixed pension.

How does this all work?

Let’s put all the cards on the table.  In reality most pensioners don’t have the means to live a carefree life. Even if you paid off most of your hefty mortgage, the average yield for pension reaches 6.8% at best. And yet there are ways to leverage the profitability of your pension. The key is to increase your income is in making smart and fruitful investments.

Litefintech is a leading investment management firm specializing in investments for pensioners. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a complete novice, Litefintech employs certified and experienced financial advisors who offer hands-on guidance on how you can invest your pension wisely.

In order to maximize profitability Litefintech offers its customers an analytical tool that measures activity in markets across the globe.

As part of their company mission to deliver quality to their customers, they invest in development and acquisition of the most innovative technology for monitoring and tracking transactions in digital trade.

Ask yourself this:

  • Are you interested in increasing your income and improving your lifestyle?
  • Do terms like “innovation” and “evolution” inspire you?
  • Do you want to make the most of your golden years?


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